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Promoting research and public interest in the Early                Modern period of warfare, 1400 - 1721.​


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The annual Bill Braham Memorial Essay Writing Competition is run by the Pike and Shot Society with Helion and Company, the prominent military history publishing company, and sponsors of the competition. Helion and Company will be providing the first prize of £100.00 worth of Helion Publications and the P&SS will provide a one-year subscription to the Society.  The second prize will be a one-year subscription to the P&SS.


This year's essay contest is now open. CLICK HERE for all details on how to enter. Closing date is 31 December this year with winners announced 1 April 2024.

Photos from Dutch Slag om Grolle reenactment, by Kweniston, used with permission, Wikipedia/Creative Commons License 3.0 Unported. 





Founded in 1973, the Pike and Shot Society is an international organization that promotes interest in the warfare of the Early Modern Period, a time that saw radical change in the way in which wars were fought world-wide. Its main activity is the publication of its highly respected bi-monthly journal Arquebusier as well as specialist books, monographs and booklets.




The Early Modern Period was a time of major change in the history of warfare. It broadly ranged from 1400, with the first massed use of handguns by the Hussites (of Bohemia), to the end of the Great Northern War in 1721, which saw the final demise of the pike as a front line battlefield weapon, and the start of the rise of Russian power.


It was more than just a time of transition, albeit one that would directly impact warfare from Austerlitz in 1805 to Desert Storm today. It was truly an age of military revolution, glossed over too long by the historical community. The Society seeks to correct that shortfall.To many people the Thirty Years’ War and the English Civil War are probably the Early Modern Period’s most recognised wars, but there is far more to investigate. The period also covers the Wars of the Roses; the Conquistadors and the Amerindians (such as Aztecs and Incas); the classic Swiss pike block of the 16th Century, together with the Spanish tercio that was its nemesis; the Dutch battles for independence from Spain; to say nothing about the age of the Japanese Samurai. In addition the period covers the wars of Louis XIV of France including the War of the Spanish Succession. Finally, as if that were not enough, consider the naval aspect of the period, including Lepanto, the Spanish Armada and the titanic clashes of the 17th Century that defined the three Anglo-Dutch Wars.




Arquebusier reflects the interests and research of the Society's members and other military historians. Authors offer material free of charge so the Society keeps its subscription to the minimum. The international nature of the Society means that it has access to unique material, which it publishes for the benefit of members. Further details can be found elsewhere on this Website.


In addition to Arquebusier, Pike and Shot Society members benefit from discounts on a wide range of books and other products of interest. Although based in Great Britain, it remains an important aim of the Society to recruit members from around the world.








A membership year runs for the period during which one volume (6 issues) of the Society's magazine Arquebusier are published (which may be in excess of 12 calendar months). Members joining during this period will receive all issues of Arquebusier for the current volume. Members joining for 3 years will receive 3 volumes of Arquebusier.


Its now easy to join the Society online via PayPal (see below)! And if you wish futher details please contact the Membership Officer Peter Heath at the address below:


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The main organ of the Society is our journal Arquebusier. This is an A5 sized magazine of some 40 plus pages published six times a year. Each issue has a mixture of articles and illustrations provided by the membership of the society, and a central colour plate illustrating standards & colours, contemporary paintings etc. From its very inception it has aimed at providing historical information rather just than debating wargaming rules, we believe that we have found a happy medium since each edition has a range of articles of both a wargaming and historical focus.The final issue in each membership year is given over to a special theme, previous issues have featured the Wars of Religion, the Italian Wars and Tudor Armies.Arquebusier also covers reviews of new products, books, wargames figures, etc. and we can often offer discounted prices on the products reviewed as well as offering on-going discounts from a number of well known figure manufacturers (some of whom use Arquebusier as a source in designing their ranges). We aim to produce one volume (6 issues) a year, so if you have visited an interesting Museum or have a view on a book or set of rules, send us an article and see your name in print. 

Sample Articles from Previous Issues:


Volume XXX/I Note DXVI. Ottoman Naval Flags from Lepanto


Volume XXII/II The Battle of Fornovo at Roll Call 1996


Volume XXIII/I Clothing and Equipment of Queen Elizabeth's Army (Continued)


Volume XXIII/IV The Allied Order of Battle at Julich


All articles above in Adobe Acrobat pdf file format.


Guidelines for Authors: Submissions to Arquebusier may be supplied in either a paper or an electronic format.

Material submitted in a paper format should, where possible, be typed with double spacing and with margins of

approximately one inch top and bottom as well as left and right. Hand-written articles should follow these spacing guidelines and should, in addition, have all names, titles and foreign language quotations PRINTED. Please do not use unusual typefaces or large fonts as this makes the article difficult to scan. All illustrations should be supplied on separate sheets to the text and the keys to them or notes to illustrations on separate pages as well. Please ensure that all pages of text include the author’s name, article title, page number and the total number of pages (e.g. 3/8 as a page number). At the very least please insure that your name is supplied to prevent your submission from becoming anonymous!

Where submissions have been produced on a computer we would be grateful for an electronic copy of the file, either e-mailed as an attachment to the editor, or sent as file on a disk. Where appropriate, bibliographies or source lists should be included. Entries should consist of the following: Author, Title, Place & Date of Publication, ISBN (where available). Where a passage from the text has been cited then a page number should be given. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that permission is obtained for the use of copyrighted material. Please note that the editor reserves the right to make adjustments to the text of any submission if it is felt that this will improve clarity.


For more information please contact the Society Chairman (the Editor position is currently vacant).




The society is a non-profit making organization. All merchandising offered for sale are either for the promotion of the society or as benefit offers to members. All proceeds are used to improve the society and reduce member costs. The merchandising offered by the society consists of the following: the Arquebusier magazine, Society Publications and miscellaneous items such discounts on products, special or limited edition books, as well as the occasional limited duration offers of special discounts or entry to events. For enquiries about items not appearing on this site please contact the Honorary Postal Sales Officer. Listed below is our current sales list. Take a look and then use our convenient Postal Order Form to purchase your choices by mail, to include a new or renewal Society membership (click on our Membership link above for prices).


PLEASE NOTE! As a volunteer organization, at times our staff can become very busy with life. Please allow us up to 28 days for delivery, though we are normally much quicker. Thanks.


Also note that for your convenience we have implemented a PayPal purchase system - see bottom of page!


Robert Hall Colour Plates - OUT OF STOCK!


Price - £2 each for Members and £3 each for Non-Members, postage is £ 1 for 1 - 3 plates, postage free for 4 + plates, if ordering within the UK. For EU postage the cost is £ 2 and £ 3 respectively, and for the ROW £ 3 and £ 5 respectively. These plates are not available for customers in the United States.


Stunning full colour plates featuring the uniforms and flags of the War of the Spanish Succession. Click here for an Adobe PDF file listing all available plates as well as two reduced colour samples. Important - when using our PayPal ordering system noted below, please order the total number of plates you want and then specify specific prints purchased in the Message to Sender box or similar near the end of your PayPal transaction. Because these images are printed on demand, they should nearly always be in stock.


For a complete listing of all the plates available, please click here!


Membership Benefits

Society members are often eligible for discounts from many book vendors and miniature figure dealers, apart from the merchandise listed below. Please click here for more details!



Publications and Other Merchandise


New & Recently Released Publications

ULTRA NEW! Exceeding Toylsome: The Accounts of Waggonmaster General Thomas Richardson and the Practice of Logistics and Supply in the Earl of Essex's Army. 1642-1645 : Simon Marsh.  451 pages, mono illustrations.

Cloth £ 24.00 (Public) £ 16.00 (Members)

Paper £ 16.50 (Public) £ 11:00 (Members)

A complimentary volume to Simon Marsh's two volume study of the Ordnance Papers of the Earl of Essex's Army.  Invaluable for anyone interested in Essex's Army and its campaigns during the First Civil War.



From Nick Dorrell of Wyre Historical Books comes the latest in the ever expanding Twilight saga. This time, the author looks at warfare in the east with not only a supplement to the original Divine Right rules, but three scenario books as well. The Society will soon carry these publications for direct sale, but until then please visit the current product page for review and  purchase by clicking here!

The Fire & Sword product line includes the Supplement with extra rules and tables for Eastern European Warfare, and also the following three scenario books - The Rise of Sweden 1605 - 1629, The Deluge 1632 - 1660 and Wars for the Ukraine 1654 - 1676.

TWIGLET, Twilight of the Sun King Series 

      NEW! Twilight of the Sun King – Birth of the Age of Reason

Wargames rules for the period 1680-1721

Steven Thomas, Andrew Coleby and Nick Dorrell

Paper Only - £12 public / £8 members


      NEW! Twilight of the Sun King – Scenario Book 1 – Louis XIV at War

Nick Dorrell

Paper Only - £12 public / £8 members 

      NEW! Twilight of the Sun King – Scenario Book 2 – Great Northern & Ottoman Wars

Nick Dorrell

Paper Only - £18 public / £12 members 

      NEW! Twilight of the Sun King – Scenario Book 3 – Louis XIV vs the Grand Alliance

Nick Dorrell

Paper Only - £18 public / £12 members 

      NEW! Twilight of Divine Right: From Defenestration to Restoration

          Wargame Rules for 1618 to 1660   

Nick Dorrell

Paper Only - £12 public / £8 members

These rules are an extension for Twilight of the Sun King allowing play during this time period 

      NEW! Twilight of Divine Right: Europe's Tragedy: Thirty Years War Scenarios

Nicholas Dorrell and Iain Stanford

Paper Only - £12 public / £8 members

      NEW! Twilight of Divine Right: By the Sword Divided: English Civil Wars Scenarios  

Nicholas Dorrell and Iain Stanford

Paper Only - £12 public / £8 members

      NEW! Twilight of Divine Right: Peace of the Pyrenees, European War Scenarios 1622 - 1663   

Iain Stanford

Paper Only - £12 public / £8 members

      JUST RELEASED 10 JULY 2020! Twilight of Divine Right: Peace of the Pyrenees, European War Scenarios 1622 - 1663   

by Iain Stanford

Paper Only - £12 public / £8 members


Other New Publications

       NEW! Flags and Uniforms of the French Army of Louis XIV 1688 - 1714 SUPPLEMENT by Robert Hall and Giancarlo Boeri 

Cloth £ 75.00 (Public) £ 57.50 (Members)
Paper £ 50.00 (Public) £ 32.50 (Members)

The book consists of 119 pages of text and 30 pages of colour plates, this work provides supplementary information to our previous publications on the French Army of Louis XIV .

      NEW! Uniforms and Flags of the Armies of Hanover, Celle and Brunswick - 1670 - 1715 by Robert Hall

Cloth : £ 75.00 (Public) £ 57.50 (Members)
Paper : £ 50.00 (Public) £ 32.50 (Members)

The book consists of 185 pages of text and 52 pages of colour plates, it provides details of every single known regiment that served within these German States during this period.

      NEW! The Train of Artillery of The Earl of Essex : The Accounts of Sir Edward Peyto, Lieutenant General of the Train of        

Artillery October 1642 - September 1643 by Simon Marsh (Ed)

Paperback : £15 (non-members)   £10 (members)

Hardback : £22 (non-members)   £16 (members) 

254pp, illustrations. Transcription of Sir Edward Peyto's papers, published here in their entirety for the first time together with an extensive introduction and analysis from a respected historian of the English Civil War.  An invaluable primary source for the early years of the Earl of Essex's Army.

UBER NEW! Volume II is now available as well! The pricing is identical to the first volume above.

      NEW! The Army of the Eastern Association : Officers and Regiments by Laurence Spring

Paperback : £15 (non-members)   £10 (members)

Hardback : £22 (non-members)   £16 (members)

199pp. Companion volume to Laurence's seminal Waller's Army (also published by the Society) covers all regiments of the Army from its beginnings under Lord Grey of Wark in February 1643, through the Earl of Manchester's command until its merging into the New Model in April 1645, also covers the non-regimented such as the Train of Artillery.   Lists officers and their careers, troop/regiment standards and colours, coat issues, etc.  Greatly extended and expanded from the original pamphlet of many years ago - a truly seminal work of primary research. 

Premium Publications

  • Flags and Uniforms of the Dutch Army 1685 - 1715 VOL I I by Robert Hall, Iain Stanford and Yves Roumegoux

Cloth £ 75.00 (Public) £ 57.50 (Members)
Paper £ 50.00 (Public) £ 32.50 (Members)

The book consists of 223 pages of text and 42 pages of colour plates, detailing the infantry and the forces of the Archbishopric of Liege.

  • Flags and Uniforms of the Dutch Army 1685 - 1715 VOL I by Robert Hall, Iain Stanford and Yves Roumegoux

Cloth £ 75.00 (Public) £ 57.50 (Members)
Paper £ 50.00 (Public) £ 32.50 (Members) 

The book consists of 246 pages of text and 51 pages of colour plates, covering the Republic's cavalry, dragoons, artillery and subsidy troops.

  • Spanish Armies in the War of the League of Augsburg by Giancarlo Boeri, Josè Luis Mirecki and Josè Palau with Artwork by Robert Hall

Cloth £ 75.00 (Public) £ 57.50 (Members)
Paper £ 50.00 (Public) £ 32.50 (Members)

The book consists of 64 pages of text and 37 pages of colour plates.

  • Uniforms and Flags of the Imperial Austrian Army, 1683 - 1720 by Robert Hall and Giancarlo Boeri

OUT OF STOCK! Paper £ 50.00 (Public) £ 32.50 (Members) 

This volume is the most detailed and comprehensive study of the appearance of the armies of Habsburg Imperial army to have been published in any language. It represents scholarship of the highest standard and will undoubtedly become an essential resource to those who are interested in warfare of the late-seventeenth and early-eighteenth centuries. The book consists of 222 pages of text and 58 pages of colour plates, each one 21cm x 29.5cm in size (A4).

  • The Armies of Hesse and the Upper Rhine Circle by Robert Hall

Cloth £ 75.00 (Public) £ 57.50 (Members)
Paper £ 50.00 (Public) £ 32.50 (Members)

Contains 310 pages of text and 45 full-colour plates.

  • Standards and Uniforms of the French Cavalry under Louis XIV, 1688-1714 by Robert Hall, Giancarlo Boeri & Yves Roumegoux.

Paper £ 50.00 (Public) £ 32.50 (Members)

The appearance of over 170 regiments of cavalry is described in 180 pages of text and 62 full-colour plates.

  • Flags and Uniforms of the French Infantry under Louis XIV, 1688-1714 by Robert Hall

Paper £ 50.00 (Public) £ 32.50 (Members)

This book provides the most detailed and comprehensive study of the infantry of the Sun King to have been published in any language. In 140 pages of text and 116 full-colour plates, it describes the appearance of over 280 regiment of foot that served in the French army during it’s two greatest conflicts – the Nine Years War and the War of the Spanish Succession. It represents scholarship of the highest standards and will be an essential resource to those who are interested in warfare of the late-seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

  • The Army of the Electorate Palatine Under Elector Johann Wilhelm 1690-1716 by Claus-Peter Golberg & Robert Hall.

Cloth £ 75.00 (Public) £ 57.50 (Members)
Paper £ 50.00 (Public) £ 32.50 (Members)

This book is the most detailed and comprehensive study of the army of the Elector Palatine Johann Wilhelm to have been published in any language. Containing 144 pages of text and 20 full-colour plates, it represents scholarship of the highest standards and will be an essential resource to those who are interested in warfare of the late-seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

  • The Armies of the Duke of Savoy 1688 - 1713 by Giancarlo Boeri with Artwork by Robert Hall

Cloth £ 75.00 (Public) £ 57.50 (Members).

A revised edition of his work on the Army of Savoy 1688-1713. The title has changed to the 'Army of the Duke of Savoy 1688-1713.'  Although there has been minor changes and additions to the text, Boeri has provided greatly expanded footnotes which has resulted in an increase in the number of pages of text from 27 pages to 51 pages. The greatest change has been the addition of 20 color plates by Robert Hall.


Standard Publications 


  • Petards in the Low Countries from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries by Dr J. R. Verbeek

£10.00 (Public) £6.50 (Members)

The entrance to any fortification forms the weakest point; hence a lot of ingenuity has been focused throughout history on the attack of these places. The battering ram was one commonly used means of breaking down a door. However such a method lacked the element of surprise. The introduction of gunpowder made it not only possible to blow up the doors, but also to do it by surprise. When a black powder charge is exploded in the open, most of the blast effect is lost. To overcome this and still retain the element of surprise the petard was developed. This was vase-like metal vessel containing a compressed powder charge. Its strong walls channeled and enhanced the blast effect of the charge. This study looks at the design and employment of petards from their inception in the sixteenth century to their abandonment in the eighteenth century, with special reference to their use in the Low Countries. This book is A5 size, has 66 pages, and is profusely illustrated.

  • Uncharitable Mischief - Barbarity and Excess in the British Civil Wars by Charles Singleton

£ 10.00 (Public) £ 6.50 (Members)

The perception of a ‘civil’ Civil War in the British Isles during the mid seventeenth century still holds sway for many. However, the scars left on the landscape, be it the Queens Sconce at Newark, or the numerous musket ball poked-marked ruins and entrenchments that run the length of the Welsh Marches argue differently. In Uncharitable Mischief, Charles Singleton first places the conduct of the British Civil Wars within the context of the violent and unrestrained Thirty Years War then raging in continental Europe, but also examines Cromwell’s campaign in Ireland, contrasting it with what occurred in Europe and all over the British Isles. This paperback book has 70 pages, including 11 illustrations.

  • Brothers in Arms: the Hamiltons in Ireland, England and France 1610 - 1719 by D. P. Graham

£ 15.00 (Public) £ 10.00 (Members)

This work centres on the lives of the six Hamilton brothers during the 17th century, a story that underlines the old adage that ‘truth’ is ‘stranger than fiction’. The family’s trials and tribulations in the courts of a power hungry French monarch, deposed kings of the Stuart line and in the company of old English and native Irish Jacobites, encompass a slice of the past within the British Isles, which has not only been popularised in our current fascination with all things seventeenth century, but is itself important in terms of the building blocks for empire which followed. This paperback book contains 244 pages, including 6 maps.

  • The Struggle for Stralsund 1627-1630 by Don McNair

£10.00 (Public) £6.50 (Members)

In 1627, much as in 1940, a European land power literally drove its enemies into the sea, to the dismay of the vanquished, of onlookers, and maybe even of the victors. Only then did it emerge that the war was not over. Amongst many other things, the triumph served to increase the conqueror’s aspirations and the number and resolution of its enemies. With their backs to the wall, the underdogs battled on with uncommon zeal and creativity. Stralsund was one of those battlegrounds. A 66 page book.

  • Waller’s Army. The Regiments of Sir William Waller’s Southern Association by Laurence Spring

£15.00 (Public) £10.00 (Members)

Of all the generals of the English Civil War, Sir William Waller (1597-1668) probably best expressed its tragedy, referring to it as 'this war without an enemy' when writing to his friend Sir Ralph Hopton, whom he faced across the battlefield. Despite this he was a successful general, earning the nickname ‘William the Conqueror’. After his first army was routed at Roundway Down he received a commission to raise a new army. Although he continued to have victories, such as at Alton and Cheriton, he was never given the resources to follow up these victories. When the regional armies were eventually reformed into the ‘New Model Army’, Waller lost his command, and so his military career ended. This book analyses the regiments that made up his second army, which became known as the Southern Association. A 186 page paperback book with 6 pages of colour plates.


  • Marlborough Goes to War by Iain Stanford

£10.00 (Public) £6.50 (Members)

An 80 page paperback booklet describing the campaign and battle of Blenheim in 1704. It includes a complete OOB for both armies and a reprint of the ‘Blenheim Roll’, which lists all the senior officers of the British Army who participated in the battle. This is a revised second edition with much new information.

  • The English Companies of Foot in 1588

£3.00 (Public) £2.00 (Members)

A 36 page booklet describing the organisation, equipment, weapons, tactics and standards carried by the English 'Trained Bands' at the time of the Spanish Armada. A Pike and Shot Society publication.

  • Lostwithiel 1644 – The Campaign and Battles by Stephen Ede-Borrett

£15.00 (Public) £10.00 (Members)

The summer 1644 campaign in the West of England was a exceptional feat of arms for the Royalist armies and, in contrast, a vivid demonstration of the complete lack of ability of their Parliamentarian opponents to work together. The resultant catastrophic defeat of the Earl of Essex’s army was, together with the failure at Newbury that autumn, highly influential in the vote that created the New Model Army in the following winter. Despite this, however, the campaign is often treated superficially or simply ignored in many histories of the war and no previous detailed history of it has been published, this work aims to correct those omissions. A 158 page paperback book.

  • The Franco-Spanish War: the Sieges of Lleida from 1644 to 1647 by Pierre A. Picouet

£15.00 (Public) £10.00 (Members)

The First English-Language study of the Siege of Lleida in Catalonia during the closing years of the Thirty Years War.  Profusely illustrated and with a military history of the campaigns and sieges from 1644 to 1647 including a full Order of Battle.


Renaissance Military Texts 


  • The Iter Carolinum of Charles I & The Journall of Prince Rupert's Marches. Edited by Stephen Ede-BorrettNEW!

£10.00 (Public) £6.50 (Members)

A 48-page paperback book containing two texts relating to the movement of the Royalist Armies during the English Vivil Wars of 1642-49.

  • 'An ill jurney for the Englshemen'. Elis Gruffydd and the 1523 French campaign of the Duke of Suffolk.Transcribed by M. Byrn Davies and edited with a new introduction by Jonathan Davies.

£5.00 (Public) £3.00 (Members)

This 'most ill-conceived and ill-managed war' was how Sir Charles Oman, the great historian of Renaissance warfare, described the English invasion of France in 1523. This hopelessly misguided campaign saw an English army meander aimlessly over Northern France to little effect, reaching as far as Montdidier before retiring back to the Channel with its tail between its legs. The story is told largely in the words of contemporary documents and in particularly through the eyes of Elis Gruffydd, an articulate Welsh soldier who left a journal of his experiences full of vigour, freshness and well-developed sense of irony. A 72-page paperback book.

  • Vol. 1: Warfare in the Age of Louis XIV

£10.00 (Public) £ 6.50 (Members)

This volume contains three texts with a general theme of warfare during the reign of the iconic French king Louis XIV. Their subjects are:

- A journal of the 1684 Siege of Luxembourg, written from the point of view of the French besiegers, and giving a day-by-day, blow-by-blow account, and authored by a person high enough in the hierarchy to have a complete picture of all events. Edited by Robert Hall.

- Extracts from The London Gazette, covering the action at Elixheim on 18 th July 1705, where Marlborough forced the Lines of Brabant. Edited by Iain Stanford.

- The letters of Richard Pope, a junior officer in an English cavalry regiment, who served from the Glorious Revolution to the War of the Spanish Succession. Edited by Neil Rennoldson.

  • Thomas Audley and the Tudor Art of War. Commentary by Jonathan Davies

£10.00 (Public) £6.50 (Members)

A 64-page paperback book reprinting a mid-16^th century treatise on the art of war, written for Edward VI by a veteran Tudor soldier. An extensive introduction provides a detailed analysis of the treatise. In addition the book also reprints, in detail, the Cowdray House illustrations of the siege of Boulogne in 1544 and the French attack on Portsmouth in 1545.

  • The Art of Gunnery (1647) together with A Treatise of Artificall Fire-Works (1647) by Nathanael Nye . Introduction and Transcription by Cliff Mitchell.

£10.00 (Public) £6.50 (Members)

Nathaniel Nye’s work, first published in 1647, was part of an ongoing series of such ‘Gunnery Manuals’ that first began appearing in the sixteenth century. However it is one of only two whose authors are known to have served during the English Civil Wars. As such it is an invaluable addition to our knowledge of the way that contemporary artillerymen felt that their pieces should be handled and its re-publication in 1670 says a great deal about its success and popularity during the seventeenth century. A 96 page paperback booklet.

  • Elis Gruffyrd and the 1544 ‘Enterprises’ of Paris and Boulogne . Transcribed by M. Byrn Davies and edited with a new introduction by Jonathan Davies

£5.00 (Public) £3.00 (Members)

An 80-page paperback booklet reprinting a contemporary account of the 1544 English campaign in France that culminated in the capture of Boulogne. Elis Gruffydd’s remarkable journal contains a wealth of detail – military, social and political; and from a viewpoint that is hardly ever recorded. Elis was a fully paid up member of the “Poor Bloody Infantry”, and despite attaining the rank of Captain his sympathies were with the suffering soldiery rather than their aristocratic commanders. His harshest criticisms are directed at those in command although he has little time for “idle” soldiers unable to shift for themselves. Opinionated, well informed and thoroughly experienced in the ways of the world his commentary on the expedition is a delight in its vigour, freshness and well-developed sense of irony.


Wargame Rules

  • General-At-Sea by Iain Stanford. A Pike and Shot Society Publication.

£10.00 (Public) £6.50 (Members)

General-at-Sea are the sister rules of Captain-General and are designed specifically to provide an answer to the challenge of how one can practically wargame the great naval battles of the late 17 th and early 18 th centuries. These engagements involved hundreds of ships and often lasted for days on end. Designed to use smaller scale models (1/2400 and 1/3000), the rules put the player in the role of an Admiral of the period. A stand represents about four ships and a number of stands are used to make up the divisions and squadrons of a fleet. In order to control these stands a robust command system is in place, which limits what players can and cannot do. The rules are designed on the premise that what has been applied to the larger scale land wargames rules can also be applied to naval warfare and that if players can accept moving brigades on the table as one unit, then why not a group of ships?


Payment, Postage and Packing

Payment may be made by International Money Order, or Sterling Cheques drawn on an UK bank, or via PayPal where credit cards may be used. Cheques should be made payable to The Pike and Shot Society. Post and Packing rates are calculated on the cost of any product before discounts are applied. New postage rates as of 8 August 2014 are as follows:


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Cliff Mitchell, 55b Hillfield Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP2 4AB


Honorary Postal Sales Officer

Nick Dorrell, 34 Baxter Avenue, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY10 2EU


Honorary Publicity Officer

Charles Singleton, Wightwick Manor, Wightwick Bank, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV6 8EE


Honorary Webmaster
Colonel (Ret) Bill Gray, 249 Amesbury Boulevard, Swedesboro, NJ 08085 USA



Honorary Life Vice Presidents - Dave Millward, George Gush, Stuart Asquith, Trevor Halsall


Direction of Correspondence:

  • Editor - Material for Arquebusier and Mercurius

  • Postal Sales - back issues and other Pike and Shot Society merchandise

  • Membership Officer - subscriptions, change of address and queries concerning the non-arrival of Arquebusier

  • Secretary - all other correspondence





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