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Being a section of events, announcements and happenings of interest to members of the Society in particular, and all pike and shot enthusiasts in general. Included are both wargaming and purely historical events, drawn from a variety of sources, both inside the Society and from without.

We are looking for news about events that might be related to any part of the Society's era of interest, whether it be in the UK, the US, the EU or anywhere else. Please, don't be shy about dropping us a line to let us know what's going on.

Submissions for the page should be sent to the Society's Webmaster, Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray, a colonial who can be reached via Email at .

Note. English Civil War Reenactments, all sponsored by the Sealed Knot, with details found on their Website at, listed at bottom of this page.





Page under construction.

If anyone knows of an event related to the Society's period of military history,

and would like to publicize same, please contact the Webmaster with details

by Email at


* NB - Shows are only included if the Pike and Shot Society intends to be present.



Image from the Slag om Grolle reenactment, photo by Kweniston, used with permission via Wikipedia
and the Creative Commons License 3.0 Unported .

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