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Gadebusch 1712, from Historicon 2011

Admittedly our previous set of photos was getting a bit long in the tooth, but fortunately, your friendly neighborhood Webmaster has been known to host a pike and shot game or two. The images on this page are from Historicon 2011, the USA's premier historical miniature wargaming event, and depict the 1712 battle of Gadebusch. The battle saw Swedish general Magnus Stenbock thoroughly whip a Danish and Saxon army led by His Royal Highness King Frederick IV. As part of the Great Northern War, it lies at the very end of the period of history covered by our Society. It was also one of the last battles where the pike played a major part in a large combat action.

Five games of this scenario have been played, and so far history has repeated itself every time. The rules used were Age of Honor, the Lace Wars expansion module to Age of Eagles, the official Napoleonic adaptation of the very popular Fire & Fury American Civil War rules by Richard Hassenauer.

Nevertheless, the real winners were neither Dane nor Swede, but the many fans who stopped by to partake of the festivities. And if you ever wanted to know what pike and shot gaming looks like in the colonies, voila! Enjoy!