TWIGLET, from HMGS Fall In! 2019

Admittedly our previous set of photos was getting a bit long (actually, damn near archaic) in the tooth, but fortunately, your friendly neighborhood Webmaster has been known to host a pike and shot game or two. The images on this page are from the Historical Miniature Gaming Society's Fall In! convention held at Valley Forge, PA (USA), November 2019.

Two games of a locally modified version of TWIGLET (Twilight of the Sun King) were hosted, and this time around both covered the 1674 battle of Seneffe between the Prince of Orange's Dutch/Spanish/Imperials and the forces of Louis XIV, ably led by the Great Conde. I used primarily TimeCast buildings and Cigar Box Battle Mats for the ground cover. Other terrain came from Doug Kline's Battlefield Terrain Concepts outfit. Figures were 10 mm Old Glory, a combination of Marlburian and ECW masquerading as lads from the many Dutch Wars the Sun King fought.


So, if you ever wanted to know what pike and shot gaming looks like in the Colonies, voila! Enjoy!



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