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This page is made possible by the generosity of Ian Croxall, owner and Webmaster of, a sight by and for miniature wargamers. The site offers downloadable flags

designed specifically for use in miniature wargames and the variety is truly astounding,

as are the quality of the flags themselves. Ian is the principal designer for most of the material

on the site and a look at the War of Spanish Succession Prussians to the right offers irrefutable

evidence as to how good his handiwork really is.


This page offers gif or jpg files direct from the site, selected specifically for those

periods of history coverd by the Society. First up are flags from the English Civil War and also

the War of Spanish Succession, though more will be added when they become available.

Just click on a link and the image will appear. Then simply right click and save the file to your hard

drive, resize for your scale, then print away on a color printer.


Then take a trip to and discover the other many periods whose flags are available for free download. And while you're there, drop Ian a line to say thanks for a service that is truly above and beyond the call of duty.



The English Civil War - the Forces of Parliament, Army of the Earl of Essex:

The War of Spanish Succession - the Forces of Louis XIV

  • French Infantry Regiments Plate 1 Typical Colonels' Colours

  • Plate 2 Picardie, Piedmont (Spelt incorrectly on the plate), Navarre, Champagne, Normandie, La Marine, Auxerrois, Bourbonnais

  • Plate 3 Auvergne, Artois, Sault/Tallard (Name and colors change for same regiment), Royal, Poitou, Lyonais, Crussol (became Gondrin, next flag, in 1703), Grondrin

  • Plate 4 Tourraine, Anjou, de Maine, Guiche, Coetquen (1709), de Meuse (1712), Humierres, Charost (1702), Bethune (1709), Saillant(1712), Grancey, Chesnelaye (1707) Limousin, Le Reine

  • Plate 5 Bourbon, Royal des Vasseaux, Orleans, Perch,e La Couronne, Bretagne

  • Plate 6 Conde, Vendome, La Sarre, La Ferre, Lanquedoc (new), Beauvoisis, Royal Roussillon

  • Plate 7 Dauphin, Rouergue, Vermandois, Royal de la Marine, Bourgogne

  • Plate 8 Nettancort, Mailly (1704), Bueil-Racan (1708), Brosse (1712), Boufflers-Ramiancort (1713), St Sulpice, Lannoy (1708), de Louvignies (1712), Le Rois, Villars-Chandieu, Brendle, Toulouse, Boulonnais

  • Plate 9 Angoumois, Perigord, Saintonge, Foix, Quercy, Forez, Cambresis, Tournaisis, Nivernais, Guyenne, Lorraine, Flandre, Berry, Bearn

  • Plate 10 Hainaut, Bigorre, Brese, Luxenbourg, La Marche, Brie, Soissonais, Bassigny, Isle de France, Vexun, Aunis, Beauce Dauphine, Vivarais

  • German Regiments in French Service Alsace, Greder, (there is also a Swiss Greder), La Mark, Spare

  • Swiss Regiments in French Service Manuel, Stuppa, Reinold, Hessy, Greder (there is also a german Greder), Surbek, de Salis / von May Courten

  • Irish Regiments in French Service Galmoy, Dillon, Berwick, Clare, Lee

  • Bavarian Regiments Plate 1 Leibregiment and Colonels, Colour Leibregiment (Senior Line Co) and Colonels, Kurprinz and Colonels, Massei and Colonels

  • Plate 2 Schellenberg, (Speilberg) / D'Octfort / Tattenbach and Colonels, Bettendorf and Colonels, Haxhausen, Colonel de la Colinnies, French Volunteers and Colonels, Lutzenberg and Colonels

  • Plate 3 Horse Guard Grenadier Guidon

  • Plate 4 Guard Carabinier Squadron

  • Plate 5 Wolframsdorf (and possibly other Cuirassier) Squadron

  • Plate 6 Cuirassier Squadrons

  • Spanish Regiments Plate 1 Regimental Colours, Colonels Colours, Company Colours

  • Spanish Regiments Plate 2 Kings Colours Irish Regiments


The War of Spanish Succession - the Forces of the Grand Alliance


Files provided with the kind permission of Ian Croxall of, as well as all images.

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